Gattaca (est. 2016) is an Oslo-based independent office, providing research designs, strategical concepts and assessments on urban affairs, primarily led by Tin Phan, b.1989 (M.Arch. '16). Distinguished for its polarizing work on both prestigious research and commercial endeavors, the office conducts in-depth investigations in the specter of technology, economics, demographics, real estate, spaces, urbanity, cultures and trends. Our coat of arms is a jar of brains; a think tank in the most literal sense. Gattaca is the namesake of a 90s biopunk sci-fi cult classic, or collectively known, as the one with Jude Law in the furnace.

We are highly valued for our analytical and speculative skill of societal foresight, and an advocate for how research can be more operative in design processes, urban planning and policy making. With a clean slate, we question and disseminate the very approach that constitutes the architecture of society, unburdened by customs and constraints of just belonging to one profession, single-minded commercial pursuits and interests, or any allegiances to other entities and their agendas. We answer only to the one true cause; that in each and every project, a greater good exists in the necessary balance between altruistic virtues and unrelenting capitalism.

Rapid innovations are not only altering the way we live and work, but at an exponential rate, also the core of human paradigms and cultural norms. The urban project is more dependent now than ever, in the understanding of the alternate parameters addressing the nuanced, yet ever-changing conditions of cities and governments. Gattaca strives to be the infinite vessel for exploration into unknown territories! And make no mistake, a tide is coming.